Paid Research Projects

Paid Research Projects!

**Update** These projects were completed in 2015 and the final reports / results are available for pick up in the NSPIRG office for anyone who is interested in learning more about Sexual Assault on campus, the Dalhousie Board of Governors, and rad resources in Halifax. The Study in Action report has also been very helpful to us in moving forward on bringing this initiative to NSPIRG. Stay tuned for updates in 2016!

Application Deadline:  February 4th, 2015

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This semester we are hosting four honorarium-based community research projects. They’re intended to be projects that can be used by our communities, relevant to issues that our communities are dealing with. We’ll be paying the researchers an honorarium for their time and work; honoraria of different amounts reflect the different amounts of work we expect different projects will require.

The projects will be scheduled to be completed by the end of April, 2015. There will be regular check-ins with NSPIRG staff or board members, and NSPIRG will be able to provide support throughout the project to help.

The Research Projects

Project #1: Dalhousie Board of Governors Breakdown

Honorarium: $750

The members of the Dalhousie Board of Governors come from a range of backgrounds. Sometimes, they have other interests we don’t know about, like when they have long histories with private corporations. This project will put together mini-biographies on each Dalhousie Board of Governors Member, including their current and past affiliations. Made into a paper or maybe a little booklet, this will make it easy for our communities to use when organizing around different issues on this campus. (And then we’ll update it every year!)

Project #2: Halifax Rad Resource Guide

Honorarium: $1000

NSPIRG used to publish the Handy Dandy Resource Guide, a directory of progressive organizations, book-able rooms, and collective spaces in the city. This seems like it would be useful, so we want to do it again. This project’s goal is to compile a list of rad/progressive/community-based organizations and groups and spaces in Halifax, what they can do for you, and how to get in touch – and then format it all into a little booklet or zine or something accessible that we can print and give out.

Project #3: Survey of Resources that Support Survivors of Sexualized Violence at Canadian Universities

Honorarium: $1000

Something we’ve learned over the past few years is that Dalhousie’s resources to support survivors of sexualized violence and rape are inadequate. We would bet that this isn’t the only university lacking in this area. This project’s goal is to try to figure out what’s out there on this on campuses in Canada. Do any schools do it well? Are they mostly similar, or are there different approaches? As we fight for better services at Dalhousie, it could help our organizing to know what’s already going on across the country.

Project #4: Study-In-Action Feasibility Study

Honorarium: $750

NSPIRG has, in the past, looked into running a program called Study In Action. This program maintains a database of research needed for organizing around social & environmental justice issues in the broader community, and also maintains relationships with faculty who are willing to allow students to research these topics as options for their coursework. The students then get credit, like they would anyway, and local community groups get research papers that benefit their organizing. This project would do some foundational research to see if this project would be both possible and beneficial to run at NSPIRG.


Application Requirements

The Ideal Candidate would possess some or all of the following skills and experiences:

  • Confident with various forms of research such as using the internet, phone calls, public documents

  • A knowledge of the issue at hand in the research project (especially with Project #3)

  • Confident working independently and sticking to a schedule over several months

Assets but not required for the positions:

  • A knowledge of Halifax and the surrounding community (this is a slightly higher priority for Projects #2 and #4)

  • Confident with layout software for the final formatting and publishing of these projects


Payment of Honorarium

One half of the honorarium will be paid up front, and the other half will be paid upon completion of the project.


To Apply

Please submit resume that outlines your relevant skills (max 2 pages) and a cover letter that includes your interest in the project(s) (max 1 page). Please clearly indicate which projects you are applying for in your application.

We will be using a shortened hiring process for these positions, but may still contact you for an interview.

Applications may be emailed to

Or dropped off at:

NSPIRG Hiring Committee

Room 314, 6136 University Ave

Halifax, NS B3H 4J2


Hiring Policy

NSPIRG has an anti-oppression hiring policy, which recognizes and welcomes the unique contributions that individuals from diverse communities bring to our organization, and invites individuals from these communities to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the unique contributions they, as individuals with diverse experiences would bring to the NSPIRG organization in their cover letter or resume.

Our hiring policy is available at:

Dalhousie Student Union Building   6136 University Avenue, Room B24 – Halifax NS B3H 4J2
NSPIRG would like to acknowledge our office is located on ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People

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