Writing in the Margins

NSPIRG’s Journal of Social and Environmental Justice

Formerly published as the Underg(rad), NSPIRG’s annual journal publication seeks to promote equity by acting as a platform for marginalized perspectives and highlighting the issues impacting those who are too often pushed to the margins of society through systemic oppression.

We have chosen to re-brand the journal under Margins to reflect its purpose and content, while recognizing the importance of including knowledge outside of Eurocentric valued academia. It is in solidarity with this value that we publish and celebrate community, academic and non-academic works.

We are thrilled to release Volume 2 of NSPIRG’s Journal of Social and Environmental Justice – Writing in the Margins.

Hard copies of current and past journal publications are available for purchase (by suggested donation of $1 – $5) at our office, or by contacting



Enjoy the pdf here:

Writing In The Margins








Volume 1 



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NSPIRG would like to acknowledge our office is located on ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People

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