Tools & Tips for NSPIRG-ers

Sometimes finding resources, figuring out your group’s budget or organizing an event can be confusing. This page is a guide to how these things work at PIRG for Working Groups and Projects.

The Basics:

  • Money
  • Borrowing things
  • Room bookings
  • Accessing/ editing your NSPIRG website space
  • Common challenges and shared strategies


Working groups are asked to submit an annual summary of plans for the upcoming year and budget if applicable. All approved working groups have $100 of accessible funds per year, groups that continue into their second, third, etc. year have access to $200 per year. Please note that the cost of printing will be deducted from your allocated budget.

Costs incurred are reimbursed once receipts are submitted to Alia the resource coordinator. If members are not able to pay up front for what they need, a meeting with Alia should be arranged.

Borrowing Things:

There is a calendar on the wall of the office where equipment sign outs and office bookings are written. Please also fill out your contact information in the equipment sign out book (on Alia’s desk) and have a staff member verify (sign the book) when you return things. If people are not able to make it into the office, please email or call the office to have your booking added to the calendar.

List of material available HERE

Room Bookings:

Working groups, projects and campaigns have access to booking rooms and lobby tables in the Dalhousie Student Union Building throughout the year. To book rooms in academic buildings, you will need to go through a professor first. We also can look into bookings at other locations including the Dalhousie Women’s Centre, the Grad House and off campus venues such as Veith House, Just Us Café, public libraries, etc.

Dal SUB Request Procedure:

1. One person from your group should be designated to handle all room/table requests at the beginning of the year. This person will need to meet with Andrew to review the DSU rules and regulations that we are held to for bookings before your group can request rooms/tables.

2. A room request FORM need to be submitted to Andrew (by email or in person) 2 weeks prior to the event date. This gives you the best chance of actually getting a room and gives time for all the necessary paper work to go through its bureaucratic channels. It also has a place to let us know if you need A/V equipment (our projector).

For all other locations you are considering, simply come chat with us about the possibilities, preferably with a few weeks’ notice.

Accessing/ Editing your NSPIRG Website Space:

Info to come

Common Challenges and Shared Strategies:

Info to come

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